Rouge Stainless Steel Single Pinwheel

Rouge Stainless Steel Single Pinwheel

This kinky device is great for sensory play, introducing a pleasure through light pain and tickling. Roll the spikes over your partner to introduce a touch of BDSM to the bedroom.

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Material Metal

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Rouge Stainless Steel Single Pinwheel

This metal pinwheel is perfect for light BDSM play with a partner. Use it to create sensations somewhere between tickling and prickly pain as you guide the metal handle to roll the spikes over the skin. The pins are blunt so they will not readily cause cuts or severe hurt, but will gradually generate more rewarding pain as you apply the pressure. It can also be used to scrape, as you drag the points over your partner in quick, tantalising licks.

Part of the enjoyment of the pinwheel is its metallic look at feel, which brings that extra kinky element to the bedroom. The surgical design feels like you mean business, but the control is all in your hands. The wheel moves easily and leaves marks on the skin when pushed hard enough. This clever device is ideal for sensory stimulation, and perfect for teasing.

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Brand Rouge Garments
Material Metal

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