Rouge Stainless Steel Five Pinwheel

Rouge Stainless Steel Five Pinwheel

Enjoy the sensory thrill of five wheels instead of one, with this cleverly designed metal bondage toy. Guide the head of the toy over your partner's skin, crossing between tickling and lightly painful sensations.

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Material Metal

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Rouge Stainless Steel Five Pinwheel

This clever BDSM toy showcases five independent wheels at the head, increasing the intensity and the kinkiness from the classic single wheel design. Each wheel rolls smoothly as the pins create a prickly sensation akin to tickling until you start to push a little harder. You are in complete control as you apply greater and greater pressure to cross the threshold into light pain. The spikes are blunted to prevent any cuts or harm, but they will leave an indented mark if you are firm enough, creating a tantalising visual trail.

The medical-style of the pinwheel, coupled with its metallic feel, brings a real naughtiness to the experience. This toy can be enjoyed by seasoned bondage experts or couples looking to try something new and makes a wonderfully suggestive gift for a partner.

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Material Metal