Rouge Stainless Steel Beaded Urethral Sound with Stopper

Rouge Stainless Steel Beaded Urethral Sound with Stopper

A sumptuous beaded urethral sound from rouge garments, designed with a stopper that looks attractive and gives you reassurance this toy can be left in place without going anywhere you don't want it to. Made from stainless steel.

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Material Metal

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Rouge Stainless Steel Beaded Urethral Sound with Stopper

This beaded urethral sound has a smaller, smoothly rounded tip for easy insertion, and continues 10cm in length up to the stopper. It is made from body-safe stainless steel and has a through-hole for ejaculation or peeing. The metal is temperature responsive, and can be kept cool with cold water or warmed up when necessary, perhaps first to trace over the skin before insertion. The beaded curves intensify the sensations of insertion and removal to create an immensely sensuous experience.

The stopper provides an extra reassurance that the toy is not going to go any further than you want it to, and the simple, curved metal design is appealing to look at. This is also true when inserted, and means your or your partner's hands will be free to play with your cock as the stopper keeps the sound in place. The toy comes from Rouge Garment's ‘Medical Play’ range, and the elegant simplicity of the design is a real feature. It is recommended that you use a good quality, water-based lubricant.

Additional Information

Total Length 4 inches
Material Metal