Rouge Stainless Steel 2 Prong Pinwheel

Rouge Stainless Steel 2 Prong Pinwheel

Rouge Garment enhance the thrill of a regular pinwheel toy by adding an extra prong to this smartly designed, a metal toy for couples who want to introduce light bondage to the bedroom.

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Material Metal

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Rouge Stainless Steel Two Prong Pinwheel

Two prongs are better than one with this sensory toy from Rouge Garments, which has dual pinwheels to tease and tantalise your partner. Use the handle to glide the device over your partner's skin, applying enough pressure to go between sumptuous prickly tension and light pain sensations. The kinky 'Y' design of the toy is very distinctive, making it an attractive, and effective extension to any collection.

The spikes on the wheels of this metal toy are blunt so as not to cause any harm, however, they can be rolled more firmly to leave depressions in the skin. It can be used all over the body, moving gradually to more sensitive areas. This is a great gift for fans of BDSM who are looking to add something new to the bedroom, or new users looking to experiment with light bondage sensations.

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Brand Rouge Garments
Material Metal

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