X Factor Penis Pump

X Factor Penis Pump

For men that are already well-endowed or guys that have outgrown their penis pump, try the X-Factor Extra Large 12 Inch Penis Pump with an extra-large cylinder. Comes with 3 interchangeable soft coloured sleeves that allow you to get the perfect fit for maximum vacuum.

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SKU 2K220-3-BX-01
Colour Clear
Material Plastic

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Me You Us X Factor Penis Pump

  • Flexible tube
  • Solid transparent cylinder
  • Quick-release valve
  • Trigger action handle
  • 3 x variable size smooth stretchy TPE comfort seals

With its wider, longer cylinder, the X-Factor Extra Large 12 Inch Penis Pump is ideal for men that are already bigger than average, or have outgrown their first penis pump but want to keep on growing and extending. Fit one of the 3 soft coloured sleeves to the entrance of the cylinder. Each one is different in diameter, allowing you to interchange them and get the perfect fit every time.

Apply water-based lubricant and slide inside, ensuring the pump is held flat against your body to create an air-tight vacuum. Use the attached trigger pump and begin to draw the air out of the X-Factor Extra Large cylinder. Watch your penis swell and grow and enjoy the sucking sensation as your erection becomes firmer.

Use the X-Factor Extra Large 12 Inch Penis Pump regularly and you-'ll start to see lasting results as the penile tissue expands and stretches. For impressive short-term results, slip a flexible cock ring on over your new-found length and you-'ll be able to maintain the length and girth during lovemaking sessions.

Additional Information

Colour Clear
Total Length 13.4 inches | 34 cm
Power Type None Required
Vibration Speed Non Vibrating
Material Plastic
Flexibility Firm
Waterproof No