Heavy Metal Handcuffs

Heavy Metal Handcuffs

Ideal for lovers looking to dabble in bondage, the Heavy Metal Handcuffs allows you to securely restrain your partner's wrists, but a set of keys and safety catch means you can release them in an instant if the pleasure gets too much.

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SKU H001A1F086A1
Colour Silver
Material Metal

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  • Reassuringly heavy and solid metal
  • Quick-release catch
  • Adjustable size
  • Set of 2 deluxe keys

If you're looking to turn up the heat, give this sexy restraint Heavy Metal Handcuffs a try. Since the beginning of time, the action of restraining a lover during sensual moments has been coveted as one of the most erotic acts one can perform.

These metal handcuffs are easy to use yet offer maximum restraint, making them ideal for beginners as well as advanced users.

Once you have pushed your lover to the edge, unleash them from their restraints using a quick-release button or one of the two keys provided in the kit and get ready for some mind-blowing sex.

The sturdy design of these light metal handcuffs ensures they can handle whatever you and your partner can dish, so let your fantasies run wild. If you're ready to dabble in the luscious taboos of light bondage, these sex toy handcuffs are the perfect addition to your toy collection.

Additional Information

Colour Silver
Total Length 11 inches | 28 cm
Vibration Speed Non Vibrating
Material Metal
Flexibility Flexible
Waterproof No