Magnus Magnetic Orbs

Magnus Magnetic Orbs

Apply targeted pressure with the Magnus Magnetic Orbs and watch your submissive writhe in delightful agony. The orbs are small but their magnetic pull is extremely powerful, allowing you to strategically place them around sensitive flesh and have them pinch with unrelenting pressure.

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  • Set of 2 magnetic orbs
  • Powerful magnetic strength 
  • Pinches sensitive areas for pleasure •
  • Perfect for BDSM games
  • Orb diameter: 0.4 Inches

The Magnus Magnetic Orbs set features 2 powerful round magnets for pinching pleasure and playful BDSM games.


They may be small, but these orbs pack a punch! Their powerful magnetic strength applies unrelenting pressure to sensitive areas and pinches at your bondage partner until they can’t take any more.


The elegant orbs are coated with a chrome finish for a high-quality look. The smooth mirror finish makes cleaning easy and feels tantalisingly cool against tender skin.

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