Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device

Impound Spiral Male Chastity Device

Lock up his member beneath the metal spiral of this chastity cage, which can be worn for long periods to build up desire and prove his fidelity.

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SKU N10350
Color Silver
Material Metal


The Impound Spiral coils around his penis, keeping it locked beneath the sumptuous metal design. It can be comfortably gripped like a solid device, and yet offers the air-flow and sexy submissive styling of the spiral. The caged tip of the device means the end of his member will be visible, and susceptible to blowing if you wish to tease a little more than is fair. Chastity cages are proving to be a fantastic way to keep the desire growing in a relationship, or to feel naughty solo as you go about your day.

The ergonomic shape of the Impound Spiral means it fits comfortably around a flaccid penis over periods of extended wear. It includes three different base sizes to ensure the perfect fit for the wearer, as well a padlock for keeping it locked up tight and three keys for safety. The metal design is easy to clean and can be concealed beneath your clothes.

Additional Information

Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Impound
Colour:  Silver
Total Length:  8.5 cm / 3.34 Inches
Length of cage:  7 cm / 2.75 Inches
Width of cage:  4 cm / 1.57 Inches
Width of base rings:  40mm-1.57", 45mm-1.77", 50mm-1.96"
Material:  Stainless Steel
Included:  Padlock and set of keys, 3 base rings
SKU:  N10350