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Impound Corkscrew Male Chastity Device

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Know the true feeling of chastity with this beautifully crafted cage and urethra plug from Impound. An intense experience for advanced users, both unforgiving and exquisite at once.

On top of exquisite styling, the Impound Corkscrew chastity cage includes a urethra plug, which can be inserted through the top of the device and keep him truly locked in position. It is a gripping experience of almost total surrender, which builds excitement for as long as it can be worn. The cage itself curves perfectly to suit the shape of a flaccid penis, allowing no room for arousal, whilst being suitable for periods of extended wear. The solid metal construction feels amazing and adds to the submissive sensations of chastity.

The urethra plug is both unforgiving and exquisite at once. It intensifies the restrictive pleasure of the toy, which is more suited for advanced users. There are three different base sizes to the cage, so it can be customised to fit the wearer. It also comes with a padlock and three keys for safety, and is easy to clean.

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Impound
Colour:  Silver
Total Length:  7 cm / 3.93 Inches
Length of cage:  7 cm / 2.75 Inches
Width of cage:  4.5 cm / 1.77 Inches
Width of base rings:  40mm-1.57", 45mm-1.77", 50mm-1.96"
Penis plug insertable length:  5.5 cm / 2.16 Inches
Penis plug width:  5cm / 0.19 Inches
Material:  Stainless Steel
Included:  Padlock and set of keys, 3 sizes of base rings
SKU:  N10351
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