ID Pleasure Lubricant - 250ml

ID Pleasure Lubricant - 250ml

Add some extra zing to your lust-life with ID Pleasure Lubricant. This gentle sensation lubricant will heighten the experience for both partners.

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Combine the effects of a little blue pill with your favourite lube for a stunning experience for both partners, no matter which position you to choose! ID Pleasure is a classic ID Glide with added zing, containing L Argine, which is a natural amino acid known to stimulate blood flow to a localised region.

Women report a delicious tingly feeling and heightened sensation while men enjoy a firmer erection and a cooling sensation. Pure pleasure and much easier than fumbling around with pills! Designed to stimulate arousal and enhance pleasure. This long-lasting and silky smooth lube is condom friendly and safe to use with all toys. One of the few lubricants that benefit both men and women with its tingling properties.

Comes in a range of sizes, from a 2.5oz bottle which can be slipped easily into a pocket, to an 8.5oz version for the dedicated enthusiast! Although this is long-lasting, if it does begin to dry, it can be revived with a little water or saliva.

Additional Information

Bottle Size 250 ml
Lubricant Type Water-Based