Loving Joy Hog Tie Set

Loving Joy Hog Tie Set

Sorry! This product has been discontinued.


Hog Tie Set - Black

Feel the excitement and intensity rise with this hog tie restraint set, which is simple to use and promises to take your bondage play to the next level. The soft cuffs are ideal for beginners, and provide comfort against the skin even whilst the wearer is held securely in position. The cuffs have an adjustable circumference so it can be customized for any user. Velcro straps are very secure, and yet can be undone quickly and easily, providing reassurance even in the heat of the moment.

Experience the thrill of submission and vulnerability whilst wearing this exhilarating set, as you lay prone and at your lover's whim. Give in to intense desire, and revel in the experience of trust and excitement. As the dominant partner, you can enjoy the stunning look of a hog tied partner, as well as the luxury of complete control of their pleasure and yours. Begin your journey to the dark side with this safe, yet effective and secure set in classic and kinky black styling.

Additional Information

Colour Black
Flexibility Flexible