Fifty Shades of Grey a Perfect O Silicone Love Ring

Fifty Shades of Grey a Perfect O Silicone Love Ring

Simple, effective, and easy to introduce to the bedroom, this soft silicone love ring will help him to last longer, enjoy stronger erections and boost confidence.

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SKU FS-59953-0322
Colour Black
Material Silicone

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This toy is the perfect way to introduce a love ring into the bedroom, or as a subtle little add on to any lovemaking session. It is simple, discreet and effective. The black silicone design means it can easily be slipped onto the base of the penis, where it will help create larger erections and delay ejaculation for maximum pleasure.

The love ring exerts a small amount of restrictive pressure which helps to keep blood flow in the penis, sustaining longer hard-ons with greater girth. It's a great way to boost his confidence, and can easily be snuck into a travel case or bedside cabinet, to be used at home or for a sexy weekend away.

Additional Information

Colour Black
Total Length 2.25 inches
Vibration Speed Non Vibrating
Material Silicone
Flexibility Flexible
Waterproof Yes
Texture Smooth