ElectraStim Depth Charge Electro Probe

ElectraStim Depth Charge Electro Probe

A versatile ElectraStim product, the Depth Charge is a flexible electrosex probe and is suitable to be used for anal, vaginal and prostate probing. Designed to move and flex as you play the stem of the Depth Charge is extra bendy, so can reach even the deepest of erogenous zones.

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A versatile electrastim product, the ElectraStim-Bi-Polar Depth Charge Flexible Electrosex Probe - EM2187 is suitable to be used for anal, vaginal and prostate probing. The smooth, metal Depth Charge egg measures 2.25 inches long and 3.35 inches around its widest point and sits on top of a long, extra-bendy and insulated stem.

Designed to move and flex as you play, the Depth Charge stem will twist and turn with you, so your internal hot spots can be continually stimulated.

Connect the bi-polar Depth Charge to one of the ElectraStim control pads and turn on. Only the egg tip will become charged and deliver a current. Both the stem and handle are well insulated, meaning there's no worry of your hand becoming numb and tingly during longer sessions.

The Depth Charge EM2187 is a great addition to any electrastim toy box. Apply plenty of water-based lubricant before using for anal or prostate probing, or simply enjoy the flexible wand as an additional tool for erotic massage by running the cool, smooth end over the skin and outer erogenous zones.

Please note that without a power pack, the full pleasures of this product cannot be enjoyed.

Additional Information

Details And Care
Brand: ElectraStim
Colour: Black
Length: 10 inches | 25.4 cm
Diameter: 1.2 inches | 3 cm
Insertable Length: 7 inches | 17.7 cm
Power Type: ElectraStim Controller Required
Material: Acrylic, Aluminium
Flexibility: Firm