Durex Intense Condoms - 6 Pack

Durex Intense Condoms - 6 Pack

Enjoy intense orgasms for both partners with these specially designed condoms from Durex. They are lubricated with a stimulating gel that increases sensitivity for her and textured with ribs and dots to take that pleasure to the next level.

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Durex Intense Condoms - 6 Pack

Durex Intense Condoms have three elements that create a scintillating experience for both partners, combining textures and a stimulating gel to build big orgasms. The condoms are lubricated with Desirex gel, which increases the sensitivity of intimate areas, particularly for her, and generates a mix of heat, cool and tingling sensations. This is specially crafted by Durex to ‘create orgasms for all’, and generate greater satisfaction for women who deserve to cum more often.

The condoms themselves are also ribbed and dotted, adding to the overall experience with two more textual elements. This increases stimulation for both partners, creating the intensity that warrants the name. Transparent and well lubricated, these natural rubber latex condoms are easy-on shaped and teat ended for comfort and fit.

Additional Information

Brand:  Durex
Size:  Regular
Measurements:  205mm (8.07") • Width 56mm (2.20")
Material:  Latex
Features:  Textured, Sensation, Warming, Tingling
Pack Size:  6