Doxy Massager Mains Operated Wand - White

Doxy Massager Mains Operated Wand - White

The Doxy Massager Mains Operated Wand has been designed and manufactured in the UK and is one of the most powerful wand massagers on the market.

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Colour White
Material Silicone

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Doxy Vibrating Wand Massager - White

Doxy Wand Massager is the most powerful mains powered massager on the UK market. While many wands emit a buzzy vibration, the Doxy Massager has deep rumbles. The Doxy was designed as a sports and body massager, so provides a stronger, rumbling vibration that penetrates deep into the body. With speed settings that range from 3000 RPM, through to the highest of 9000 RPM the combination of the smooth head and power is great for when you want to work out any knots or kinks in your muscles, or if your intentions are on the more erotic side, the Doxy won't fail to leave you feeling satisfied.

Measuring 35cm long and 7cm in diameter, the Doxy wand vibrator is large enough to work overall outer erogenous zones. A 3 metre long power cord means more freedom. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Doxy is made from high-quality components, including hypoallergenic, medical-grade material that contains no harmful phthalates or latex, so you can enjoy peace of mind as you play. Automatic shut off included after 20 minutes of use as a safety feature. Comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Additional Information

Colour White
Total Length 13 inches
Width 2.8 inches
Power Type Mains Powered
Vibration Speed Speeds and Patterns
Material Silicone
Flexibility Flexible
Waterproof No