Loving Joy Door Jam Cuffs

Loving Joy Door Jam Cuffs

Sorry! This product has been discontinued.


Loving Joy Door Jam Cuffs

Hook these sturdy and comfortable cuffs over the door and close it, before enjoying reliable restraint and thrilling bondage fun. The set is perfect for beginners as the cuffs are soft yet effective, and have an adjustable circumference for customising to suit the size of the wearer. There is something wonderfully kinky and enjoyable about have the restrained partner stand up during bondage play. Let them experience whatever you wish, with normality just the other side of the door.

The Velcro cuffs are reliable and secure, but can be readily released in a flash should you need to. This gives you extra reassurance when first delving into the pleasurable world of submissive play. Tease and tantalise your partner with sensory stimulation, or make them watch. Combine with other bondage toys such as blindfolds, whips, or clamps for a more adventurous encounter.

  • Pair of black Loving Joy door jam cuffs for bondage play
  • 2 wrist cuffs with strap and jam block
  • Sturdy material made to last
  • Comfortable wear for beginners
  • Secure Velcro straps for easy release and comfort
  • Cuffs have adjustable circumference

Additional Information

Colour Black
Flexibility Flexible