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Chastity Plastic Numbered Security Tags 5 Pack

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This pack of 5, tamper proof numbered plastic locks ensures the wearer doesn't try to slip out of their chastity device before permission has been granted.

These tamper-proof plastic locks are designed to be used with high-end male chastity devices, such as the CB-6000 or Man|Cage. Each plastic clip lock can be used only once and has a unique number. Once fitted, the only way to get it off is by damaging the lock and there's no way to refit. This means if it's been tampered with or removed and replaced it will be clearly evident. Perfect for long distance Dominant/submissive relationships or power exchange play over the internet, for example. As they're made from plastic, they're also ideal for frequent flyers as they won't set off any alarms, or beginner chastity players as these locks are much lighter than a metal padlock. 

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Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Man|Cage 
Colour:  Black
Size:  N/A 
Material:  Plastic 
Feel:  N/A 
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