Bathmate HYDROXTREME5 Penis Pump

Bathmate HYDROXTREME5 Penis Pump

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  • The No.1 Bestselling Hydro Pump
  • Originally known as the HydroMax Xtreme X20
  • Ideal for users measuring 5 inches or less
  • Great for beginners

The Hydroxtreme5 is recommended for penis pump users that measure under 5.5 inches when erect. Use this Bathmate pump and make real and tangible gains to the length, girth and overall health of your erection. The XTREME version boasts several extra features compared to the MAX model, giving you an extra hand pump to improve the accuracy and control that you as the user have over the suction you experience, as well as a comfort pad for enhanced comfort and a more reliable vacuum seal, a stylish and discreet carrying case, and a cleaning sponge. The cylinder even has a measuring gauge so you can assess your progress easily and feel the boost in confidence straight away.

Use the HydroXtreme5 in the bath or shower for the best results. Simply fill the chamber with water, insert your penis - making sure the entrance is flush against your body to activate the vacuum seal - and start pumping, either by sliding the chamber up and down or activating the hand pump. With regular use of just 15 minutes a day, with regular massage breaks every 5 minutes, you can start to see real, measurable gains within the month!

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