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Buying Adult DVDs Online

Customers often ask why they can't buy Adult DVDs online at Harmony, especially when they have been into one of our stores and are aware we stock them. We do not sell any Adult DVDs through our website as the law is different for an online store to a licensed adult shop.

Does Harmony sell R18 adult DVDs online?

No, Harmony does not sell R18 adult DVDs online.

What about 18 Certificate?

18-certificate films can be sold by any UK shop, mail order catalogue or website. 18 films do not feature graphic depictions of sexual activity unless the context is justifiable - for example sex education - and as long as the purpose of the film is not purely for sexual arousal. Some R18 movies are also available as an 18 certificate however they are heavily edited to comply with these rules and for this reason, we choose not to stock them.

What is the R18 Certificate?

In August 2000 the law was changed to allow films featuring a graphic depiction of sexual activity between consenting adults to be sold in the UK. These films have an R18 - Restricted 18 – certificate and are the films we stock in our stores.

What are the restrictions on R18 films?

They have to be bought from a licensed shop such as our stores in London and cannot be sold via mail order. Websites cannot have a license to supply R18 films within the UK, even if the company that owns the site runs a licensed sex shop. If a UK-based website sells R18 films for delivery in the UK it is breaking the law.

Why do they have these rules?

The BBFC's primary concern is to protect children, so it does whatever it can to prevent hardcore films from being accessible to children. Clearly, it's easier for youngsters to buy films over the web with dad's credit card, than it is to walk into a licensed sex shop.

Where can I find R18 Harmony films?

If you want to view any of Harmony’s award-winning adult DVDs you can find the complete selection in one of our London stores.

In summary

  • It is legal for UK-based websites to sell 18-certificate softcore films
  • It is illegal for UK-based websites to sell hardcore R18 films.
  • It is legal to buy hardcore films from one of our licensed stores.