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Here at Harmony we like to think we know a thing or two about getting the most from your sex toys and bedroom wardrobe. We’ve lovingly selected our favourite products, tips and advice and posts that we just felt too naughty about keeping all to ourselves. Enjoy.
  • How to use a blindfold in the bedroom

    Sexual attraction, arousal and satisfaction is all filtered through our senses and processed in the brain. This makes the brain our most important sexual organ. When one sense is hindered, our other senses – via the brain – attempt to compensate. Experimenting with all the various options can be incredibly arousing.

    The art of anticipation

    Blindfolding your partner is just one way of increasing a lover's sensory awareness. Because he or she doesn’t know what you are going to do next, the anticipation builds. You can heighten this effect ...

  • It's Bond, Jane Bond: sexy roleplay costumes

    "It's Bond, Jane Bond." When actress Gillian Anderson recently retweeted an image of herself photoshopped by an unknown fan onto a mocked-up 007 poster, she caused an internet sensation. The Guardian newspaper published articles about it, as did The Telegraph and Quartz. Could the next James Bond be a woman? If so, who would it be? Vogue and the Observer may have their ideas but here at Harmony Store we have our own. The answer is you!

    You can play the part ...

  • Pretty in Pink - Get Sexy This Summer

    Summer is finally here! The air is full of the heady scent of flowers and the light lingers late. It's a bright and sexy time of year when the birds and the bees occupy our thoughts more than ever.

    To celebrate, we're indulging in all things pink. It's the perfect shade for naughty nights and afternoon delights. We've put together a tantalising selection to add sugar and spice to your lovelife.

    Get frisky with the following come-hither clothing, titillating toys and sensual gifts.


  • The pump with Herculean strength

    Called Hercules because of its size and strength, this Bathmate penis pump was the original ground-breaking enlargement device to harness the power of water

    The subject of penis enlargement shouldn’t be taken lightly. Changing the shape or appearance of one of your most delicate (and, let’s be honest, prized) body parts needs to be done safely and correctly. Bathmate penis pumps, and in particular the Hercules starter pump, have gone the extra mile (or should that be inch) to ensure their penis enlargement products are safe and comfortable to use, ...

  • A Pearly of Wisdom

    One Pearly Mini vibrator includes all you need to experience a string of orgasms

    Fun Factory have packed all of their pearls of wisdom into this petite rabbit vibrator. Not only does the fresh green colour of the Pearly Mini appear particularly apt as we (finally) march towards spring, but the sheer number of orgasmic features that it includes means it’s the perfect all-rounder if you’re only looking to add a single, quality new sex toy to your collection. There’s so much to love, but highlights include simultaneous G-spot and ...

  • All the good feels

    Picking an organic lubricant means you can go green and shop ethically even when it comes to intimate essentials

    Living green isn’t always easy. Luckily, System JO have made it a cinch to do so when it comes to picking an intimate essential. Everything about the System JO Organic Personal Lubricant is designed to make you feel good. From the beautiful satin style label with leaf embellishment, to the long-lasting silky smooth feeling of the lubricant itself. There’s no doubt that this is one of the good-guys when it comes ...

  • For lovers with a sweet tooth

    Erotic body paint that tastes good and makes getting messy in the bedroom a sweet treat rather than awkward

    If there's one thing that rivals my love of sex, it's my love for chocolate. That's probably why Easter has to be my favourite holiday of the year. A long Bank Holiday weekend lends itself perfectly to some lazy sex and it's the only time when you can legitimately eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner without being judged. Long considered an aphrodisiac, sex and chocolate compliment each other perfectly and ...

  • HOT SEX - 5 Warming Sex Toys

    Warming Sex Toys

    Baby, it's getting cold outside! Switching on the electric blanket, or filling up a hot water bottle will keep you warm, but they're not exactly sexy. There are other ways to make sure it doesn't get chilly between the sheets this winter. Hotter ways...

    Why pick warming sex toys?

    Warming sex toys and lubricants are perfect for this time of year. Great for adding a bit of spice to your lovemaking or masturbation, or as a cheeky Christmas gift idea, they really allow you to crank up the ...

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