It’s Bond, Jane Bond: sexy roleplay costumes

It’s Bond, Jane Bond: sexy roleplay costumes

“It’s Bond, Jane Bond.” When actress Gillian Anderson recently retweeted an image of herself photoshopped by an unknown fan onto a mocked-up 007 poster, she caused an internet sensation. The Guardian newspaper published articles about it, as did The Telegraph and Quartz. Could the next James Bond be a woman? If so, who would it be? Vogue and the Observer may have their ideas but here at Harmony Store we have our own. The answer is you!

You can play the part of Jane Bond, or one of her villains, in our range of sexy roleplay costumes. Channel your inner army commando, police chief, or undercover cop. Or play the victim of the law in a very naughty convict’s costume.

Dreamgirl Working Late Office Costume: show your lover whose boss of the bedroom.

Playing the baddie

If being the baddie is more your style, we have plenty of roleplay costumes that will satisfy your naughty streak. How about a dirty cop? The Fever Police Officer Bodystring Set will make sure your lover knows who’s the tough guy.

The leatherette waist cincher with attached police-style badge makes it clear that you have authority in the bedroom, while the excess of straps give the outfit a bondage feel.

This all-in-one has attached crotchless panties so the costume can stay on when the action heats up. The included peaked police hat tops off the look and is the crowning glory to this badass ensemble.

Come-hither camouflage

Fancy yourself a scantily-clad cadet on a mission to revenge the human rights abuses of a cruel drug lord or the untimely death of her father? Try the Fever Army Commando Camouflage Bodysuit & Hat roleplay costume. This figure-hugging, very revealing, camouflage-pattern one-piece will make sure you’re ready for close-combat action.

The deep V shape and cut-out sides is designed to highlight curves, while the ties at the hips and back keep everything in place – until the heat of the moment when it very desperately needs to come off.

The military-inspired khaki hat completes the look. Now you’re more than ready for your next special forces operation: total seduction.

Lock me up

If you’re less (toy) weapon-toting totty, and more oh-so-innocent victim of the law, The Fever Prisoner Bad Girl Dress Set is just the right blend of vulnerability and va-va-voom.

In classic convict style of black and white stripes, this open-backed, figure-hugging roleplay costume has see-through mesh panels that give a glimpse of the skin underneath. The peep-hole bra design with central satin bow is an extra special tease – wear pasties underneath or leave your nipples bare to drive your prison guard to distraction.

It’s the kind of dress that might make your jailer imagine what got you into trouble with the law in the first place.

Whether you’re Bond, a baddie, or an innocent victim of a cruel world, indulge your fantasies in one of these roleplay costumes that’s perfect for you. Here at Harmony HQ, we’re of the opinion that, when it comes to seduction, take no prisoners!