Harmony's Guide to Easter Sex Toys

Harmony's Guide to Easter Sex Toys

This Easter spice up your time in the bedroom by hopping onto Harmony’s naughtiest Easter-themed products, including our pink bunny tail butt plugs, male masturbator eggs, and best of all our Easter bunny costume which is perfect for repurposing for Halloween.

This is no time to be shy, if you and your partner are at it like rabbits, you might as well go all in, pop on your bunny ears and look the part.

We honestly can't think of a better way to burn off some of that chocolate.

1.Seven 'til Midnight - Midnight Hop Bunny Girl Costume

Everyone loves an adult costume but we have to admit there’s something about rabbit costumes in particular that really works. Not only are they amazing for initiating some fantasy play this Easter but they’re a perfect naughty Halloween costume for any cheeky playboy bunnies out there.

A fun and playful way to enter the sexy world of dress-up this bunny girl adult costume is certain to get your tail wagging, day and night.

Surprise your significant other this spring with a gorgeous bunny suit. Get all dolled up in this sexy Easter bunny costume as a holiday treat and surprise them with an evening of fun.

This classic Seven ‘til Midnight deluxe Easter bunny costume will have you bounding into the sheets and at it like rabbits. Made from super-soft microfibre and mesh teddy, this slinky outfit is the full costume kit including seductive costume accessories like an attached high neck collar, a bow tie and a tail as well as a flirty set of bunny ears attached to a headband. With removable garter straps, you can also slip on your own stockings or check out our wigs to finish the look. 

Your figure takes the spotlight in this design with playful underwired half cups for bust enhancing support and teasing sheer mesh panels. Laced up with a sexy ribbon at the back the seductive look is complete but we doubt you’ll be in it for long …

Did we mention that this adult costume doesn’t have to be exclusively for the bedroom? A bunny is for life, not just for Easter. Pair with fishnet tights and short shorts for a little more coverage and wear for cosplay or bounce around in fancy dress as the Easter bunny at Halloween.

You won’t regret treating yourself to this Easter bunny adult costume.


2.White Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Continue the bunny rabbit play with this cute, kinky unisex bunny tail butt plug perfect for experimenting and fantasy play. The teardrop-shaped, sleek metal plug looks gorgeous and is tapered for comfortable insertion, making it perfect for new users and seasoned plug wearers alike. Featuring a playful fluffy white rabbit tail this plug is super sexy and is sure to excite any partner as they watch the bunny tail wag, or be smoothly inserted and removed.

This kinky white rabbit plug can be worn to tempt and tease, ready for anal play and left in place during sex. The bulbous shape of the plug holds perfectly in place during play or intercourse and the weight of the plug applies a gentle pressure creating a glorious filling sensation and further enhancing pleasure for the wearer. 

Be a tease and pair this sexy number with your Easter bunny costume to make your lover go crazy.

3.VIVE Zosia Classic G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Next up, take home VIVE’s Classic G-Spot Bunny Rabbit, and delve into a new world of dual stimulation. 

A luxury spin on a classic toy, this vibrator is designed with maximum arousal in mind. The dual-stimulation rabbit is perfect for all kinds of pleasure-seekers but particularly those who love clitoral stimulation from a pretty pink bunny. Featuring a sleek, smooth silicone vibrating shaft and fluttering velvet-textured bunny ears to tease, this toy is a failsafe option for those with an otherwise insatiable appetite.

Zosia’s Classic rabbit has 10 exhilarating and adjustable vibration functions for the shaft and the bunny ears, offering you over 100 possible toe-curling combinations. The quiet technology offers discretion and is 100% waterproof so you can enjoy it with peace of mind whenever, or wherever, you decide to play. 

Saving the best until last, this G Spot vibe features a mind-blowing climax button that brings all motors to maximum speed right at the height of your orgasm for an incredible experience.


4.TENGA Egg 6 Pack Hard Boiled Variety Pack

The Easter egg hunt ends here. With TENGA, all your eggs are in one delightful sensual basket and you certainly won’t regret it. Treat yourself and level up your alone time this holiday season with the new wonderful sensations of TENGA’s ultimate selection of 6 male masturbator eggs.

Made from high quality, body-safe silicone, a super stretchy and velvet soft material stretches snugly over your head and shaft for maximum pleasure. The highlight of this variety pack is that you can experiment with a variety of textures with each different egg and find the feeling that works for you.

Add lube and use it in the shower.

5.Neon Pink Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Bring out your playful side this Easter by adding our cute unisex pink bunny tail butt plug to your sex toy selection!

This fun silicone toy is the perfect introduction to anal play and is smooth and easy to insert making it just right for beginners. The tapered bulb shape and long neck make for easy insertion and removal and provide a filling sensation that you do not want to miss. Why not try creating the full sexy bunny rabbit look by mixing and matching with stockings, bunny ears and a bow tie from the Seven 'til Midnight Easter bunny costume. This saucy look is sure to excite both you and your lover. Flexible for comfort and offering external teasing and ticking sensations this butt plug is an exciting addition for anyone curious about experimenting and elevating sexual fulfilment.

6.Svakom Ella Neo Interactive App Controlled Vibrating Bullet

Svakom’s App controlled vibrating bullet will have you hopping, skipping and jumping for joy this Easter as you enter a whole new buzzing world of remote pleasure. Hand over the controls and let your partner take the reins by introducing this naughty gadget to your sexual repertoire.

Connected to an easy to use mobile app, this petite vibrating bullet allows your partner to send climax inducing pulses and vibrations at any time, from anywhere in the world, bringing you closer together.

The incredible luxury Svakom Ella Neo vibrating bullet features a ridged textured surface for thrilling internal massage and is crafted from firm silicone, sure to get you trembling.

Pairing 10 vibration modes with app-powered controls Ella's vigorous motor can be controlled in three different ways: with the button on the egg, the button on the retrieval cord, or through the app. When you’re nearing the end of your session, there's even an extra vibration setting, Climax Mode, designed to send you over the edge into pure bliss.

Play with the Ella Neo vibrating bullet to enhance solo play or get your partner involved and add throbbing excitement to foreplay and sex. Great for long-distance play and increasing intimacy for lovers far apart, thanks to a quiet design, Ella Neo can even be enjoyed inconspicuously outside the bedroom.

With a perfect size suitable for vaginal or anal use, the Ella Neo boasts a range of sensual vibration settings from a gentle tickling to high-intensity rhythmic excitement for incredible stimulation.

Get the most from Ella's sweet vibes with as much water-based lubricant as you desire thanks to the waterproof design and enjoy up to two hours of uninterrupted fun on a single charge.

7.System JO Gelato Decadent Double Chocolate Lubricant

Run, don’t walk to the checkout. Why not explore all things chocolate this Easter? Incorporate this decadent and sumptuous chocolate lube into your Easter fun. Slip out of your bunny outfit and dive into this delicious water-based lube from System Jo's Gelato range. Apply liberally to any of your partner’s hotspots that you want to tantalise or to any of our adult deluxe toys including inflatables, this personal lubricant combines two of life’s greatest pleasures: chocolate and sex.


This roundup is just the tip of the iceberg. Shop the finest extensive range of intimate toys and accessories at Harmony now and you’ll see that the Easter rabbit really has brought you a basket full of treats this new year.