Beginner's Guide to Vibrators

Beginner's Guide to Vibrators

Your Beginner's Guide to Vibrators

There would have been a time when you said the word 'vibrator' and an image of a rotating, flashing all singing pink jelly thing probably would have been the first image to jump to mind. Thankfully, time has moved on and there are now more vibrator styles available than ever.

Hover over the Vibrators section on the Harmony site and you'll see that there are a lot of categories to choose from. Silicone, designer, massagers, tongue vibrators…the list is extensive. Ultimately, this is great. The sex toy industry realises that there can't be a one size fits all style of vibrator. Everyone's tastes, desires and sex toy requirements are different, so the vast selection means that hopefully there is at least one style out there that will satisfy you. On the other hand, the huge choice can make it particularly tricky for those hunting for their first vibrator.

This beginner's guide to vibrators has been designed to give you some starting point info on all of the different designs, materials and what they're good for. By using it you'll soon be able to distinguish your rabbits from your clit stims and your wands from your G-spot vibes.

Once you've spotted a style you like, check out the Which Vibrator Should I Buy? guide, which will help you figure out answers to some of the trickier questions you may ask yourself when deciding on a vibrator that's right for you.

Bullet Vibrators

Popular with first time buyers and couples looking for a versatile, easy to use vibrator. Bullet Vibrators can be enjoyed by women or men for direct clitoral stimulation, or perineum stimulation. Only a couple of inches in length they’re mainly suited for external pleasure, although some bullet vibrators can be long enough for shallow penetration. Controlled with a push button, they can be single or multiple speed. Their small size means their easy to use during penetrative sex, but also store away discreetly.

Try this: So Divine Shine Mini Bullet

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Classic Vibrators

Longer than bullet vibes, Classic Vibrators can be used for penetrative pleasure, as well as for stimulating the clitoris. Often inexpensive and offering multiple speeds, these slender vibrators are sometimes called Lady Fingers and can be inserted into the vagina. Available in a range of shapes, styles and materials to suit all tastes, they're brilliant at allowing users to experiment with a range of sensations.

Try this: Minx Classic Lady Finger

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral Vibrators can come in a range of shapes and styles. From lay-on vibes that envelope the clitoris and parts of the labia, to those with textured or pointed tips for focused stimulation. If the main aim of the vibrator is to deliver direct sensation to the clitoris then it sits within this category.

Try this: Fifty Shades Of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Knicker Vibrator

Designer Vibrators

Made using superior materials and the latest sex toy technology, there are many reasons why Designer Vibrators have a higher price point and why it's worth spending a bit more. These top-quality sex toys are generally rechargeable, discreet, but offer more vibrating power. Designer vibrators are also designed to look attractive and are made from silicone and body safe materials, so they feel as good as they look.

Try this: Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator - Blueberry

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Finger Vibrators

Perfect for adding some extra stimulation to masturbation or foreplay. Finger Vibrators are designed to be worn like a ring over any of your fingers. Use them to stimulate the clitoris, perineum, testicles or G-spot if the ring is secure around your finger and not at risk of falling off. They're generally battery powered and very small, making them easy to store away or pack when travelling. Available in a range of textures and often inexpensive, they're a great first time, or disposable sex toy option.

Try this: Screaming O FingO Vibrator

G-Spot Vibrators

G-spot Vibrators have a distinctive shape that enables focused G-spot massage. Curved at the tip or along the shaft, so that once inserted they will reach up to stimulate the front of the vagina wall where the G-spot is located. The wider and more bulbous the tip, the better because this makes it easier to locate this elusive erogenous zone.

Try this: Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

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Jelly Vibrators

Brightly coloured and very soft, Jelly Vibrators are made from flexible rubber that can be easily moulded into a variety of sex toy shapes and styles. It's also a much cheaper material, which is why many first time sex-toy users opt for a jelly rubber vibrator before upgrading to a different material. These items aren't always phthalate free, so it's worth checking the packaging, or using with a condom.

Try this: Osiris 6 Realistic Vibrator

Wand Vibrator

Made popular thanks to mainstream TV shows, the original purpose of the Magic Wand was as a body massager. However, thanks to their unrivalled power it wasn't long before the Magic Wand Vibrator was adopted as a sex toy. Despite their large size, Magic Wand's can only be used for stimulating external erogenous zones, like the clitoris and labia. They can be rechargeable, mains powered and sometimes battery powered. Rechargeable and battery options offer more freedom, because they don't need to be plugged in. Smaller Magic Wand Vibrator versions are also becoming popular as the smaller sizes are easier to store.

Try this: Palm Power Magic Wand Mains Powered Massager

Powerful Vibrators

For some the only way to reach climax is with an extra strong, super powerful vibrator. If you require intense vibrations then mains powered vibrators, or Designer Vibes tend to have stronger, better made motors that will hit the spot, because they have a higher RPM (revs per minute). Collections like Swan and Je Joue are known for their powerful vibrators.

Try this: Doxy Massager Mains Operated Wand

Quiet Vibrators

A whisper quiet vibrator is a must if living in a house share, or with people who you don't want to find out about your sex toy habits (i.e. children or parents). Collections like LELO and JE JOUE are known for having particularly quiet motors, without compromising on power.

Try this: Minx Bliss G-Spot Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrators

A Rabbit Vibrator is defined as a single sex toy that offers women simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation. A long shaft, which often rotates, slides inside the vagina, while a vibrating finger remains outside the body to buzz against the clitoris. Often this external stimulator is shaped like a small bunny with long ears that vibrate against the clitoris. However, the shape and design of the rabbit has changed over the years offering users even more choice as some rotate, some don't, some thrust and others have double bunnies. For many women, the dual stimulation offered by Rabbit Vibrators can lead to more intense orgasms. Rabbit Vibrators continue to be one of the biggest selling, most easily recognised sex toys available.

Try this: Twin Turbo Rabbit Vibrator

Realistic Vibrators

Designed to bear anatomical resemblance to a man's penis, Realistic Vibrators provide a more lifelike experience. Moulded with feel good, true-to-life features such as the penis head, glans, aroused veins down the shaft and testicles, but with non-stop vibrating qualities. Available in a range of sizes, it's possible to find a realistic vibe to suit your tastes and desires.

Try this: Doc Johnson Vibro Realistic Cock

Rechargeable Vibrators

There's no need to bother with batteries when you have a rechargeable vibrator. Even though they might appear more expensive at first, they're actually more economical as you don't have to repeatedly spend money on costly batteries. Many new design vibes are rechargeable using USB connectors making it even easier to keep your vibrator charged up when on the go.

Try this: Je Joue Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator

Remote Control Vibrators

The benefit of Remote Control Vibrators is that they let you play discreetly in public, allow your partner to take control of your pleasure and make it easier to change settings because the wireless remote makes buttons more accessible. Remote control vibrators can range in style and size from vibrating knickers to love eggs, remote bullet vibrators and even cock rings. Some of the most modern remote control vibrators require you to download an app to your smartphone. Not only can these offer tailor made vibrating experience, but the remote will work over greater distances compared to battery operated controllers.

Try this: We Vibe Verge USB Rechargeable App Controlled Vibrating Cock Ring

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Silicone Vibrators

A superior sex toy material, Silicone Vibrators are more hygienic, body safe, feel better and last longer. The flipside to all these benefits is that silicone sex toys generally cost more. However, they won't need replacing anywhere near as often as vibrators made from cheaper materials. Silicone is easy to mould, meaning this high-quality material can be used to create a huge range of vibrator styles.

Try this: Cosmopolitan Flirt Clitoral Vibrator

Vibrator Kits

The benefit of Vibrator Kits is that they include several pieces, allowing you (and your partner) to explore a range of sensations. Generally the kit will include a single vibrator either a bullet or classic vibrator and multiple attachment sleeves, which can be placed over it. Users get to experience a range or textures or stimulation styles. Vibrator kits are a budget friendly way for adventurous types to explore lots of different sex play styles.

Try this: Rocks Off Silhouette Dark Desires Box Set

Vibrating Love Eggs

Designed to be worn inside the vagina and stimulate the G-spot, Vibrating Love Eggs offer hands-free internal stimulation and have a retrieval cord making them simple to remove. Alternatively, use them as a clitoral stimulator in the same way as a bullet. Often they come with a wireless remote control, or require you to download an app to your smartphone to discreetly and easily change the settings.

Try this: Minx Silky Touch Wireless Remote Egg

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Waterproof Vibrators

Sometimes the only private time available is in the bath or shower. If this is the case then a Waterproof Vibrator is a must. Designed to be submerged, or splash proof enough to use in the shower, waterproof vibes come in a range of styles from rabbits to classic vibrators. Being waterproof also means they're a lot easier to clean.

Try this: Womanizer Liberty Rechargeable Waterproof Clitoral Stimulator

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