5 Reasons why Remote Control sex toys are great

5 Reasons why Remote Control sex toys are great

When we talk about remote controls at Harmony, we're not on about ones that change the TV channels. Oh no, remote control sex toys are much more entertaining. Here's 5 reasons why no couple's pleasure chest should be without one...

1. Make love from a distance

Pick a toy with a wireless remote, hand the control to your lover and then go about your business. Get one with a far enough remote range, like the Lelo Lyla 2, and they don't even have to be in the same room to turn you on and get you off. If they do decide to stay tell them they can watch, but not touch. They'll be treated to a very sexy view of you enjoying yourself and will be determined to hit all of the right buttons to get you to the Big O.

2. Go hands free and get more hands on

Controlling your toy with a separate remote allows you to find the setting and level you love, then leave the buttons to one side so you're hands are free to roam over other favourite erogenous zones.

3. Play outdoors

Again, this is one for wireless remote toys and ones that can be discreetly worn inside the underwear or slipped internally inside the vagina or anus (oh, you better believe we have remote control butt plugs!). Before heading out, insert your sex toy of choice. Keep the remote in either your pocket, or hand it to your lover. Turn it on and set your pleasure in motion whenever you choose and no one will be any the wiser...assuming you're able to hold it together even when you feel your orgasm building! This is a great power play game.

4. Keep a sexy secret

Apart from you (and your lover...maybe), no one will be aware as to what's going on below the waist. Whether you're enjoying an evening in, out in a bar, at a dinner party, or shopping it'll be your sexy secret when you start, stop and change the vibrations of your remote controlled toy.

5. Enjoy a surprise

An ideal game for couples: hand the remote over to your partner and let them take full control: turning the sex toy on, changing the setting, or stopping completely if they see you enjoying yourself a bit too much. Not knowing which button they're going to press next is a real thrill!

Choose your ideal sex toy from our Remote Control sections. If it's an insertable toy, remember to apply water-based lubricant for more comfortable insertion.

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