How to store sex toys

How to store sex toys

When you've been collecting vibrators for as long as I have (ahem) then knowing where and how to store your sex toys correctly becomes important. Firstly you'll want to store your sex toys in a place where they won't be spotted by overly curious house mates or friends (in a large box, pushed under the bed), then you'll need to decide which sex toys can be stored next to which in order to keep them in good condition for longer.

Ok, so while this might sounds like I'm being overly organised, there's actually more to it than that. It's important to know that although rubber, latex and silicone toys are safe for bodily use, when they are stored together or near jelly toys, they can be prone to react and cause melting or warping. Not what anyone wants!

This is why it's so useful that many sex toys now come with their own storage pouches. These are perfect, because they prevent your favourite vibe or butt plug from rubbing together in the draw or box. Plus it helps keep them dust free. These little bags also look totally conspicuous, so if you leave one out on the side accidentally, that nosy friend won't really be any the wiser.

If a sex toy doesn't come with a pouch, then get inventive: you could use an unwanted sock, or keep it in the box it came it. If you're feeling particularly crafty you could make your own with any spare fabric that's kicking around. The main point is if you have a variety of sex toys all made from different materials, it's best to keep them from touching each other.

It's just little considerations like this that means your toy box will stay happier for longer. Ace.

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