LGBTQ+ Inclusive Sex Toys

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Sex Toys

Show your pride with these queer sex toys

Here at Harmony, we celebrate pleasure in all its forms. Love is Love. And however you identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, there’s a range of toys for you to enjoy, with or without a partner.

Sex toys are for everyone, they don’t discriminate and are all intended for your sexual pleasure and enhancing your sex life. However, we know that not everyone wants a dildo shaped like a penis or a masturbation sleeve shaped like a vulva. Also, for many trans or non-binary people, what might be considered the ‘usual’ ways of masturbating or having sex, can trigger feelings of revulsion and gender dysphoria. 

So in honour of Pride Month, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best sex toys that are great for same-sex couples or bodies of any gender. So regardless of how you identify and whatever you like to get up to between the sheets, there are lots of great ways to play and explore your sexuality.

Doxy Die Cast Wand MassagerDoxy Die Cast Wand Massager

The Doxy Wand Massager

A magic wand is a favoured toy for any gender. Delivering powerful, rumbly vibrations it can be used all over the body to reach every external erogenous zone. Use it over the nipples, insoles, inner thigh, clitoris, perineum, penis, labia - literally anywhere that feels good. 

The Doxy Die Cast 3 is a more compact and nimble version of the original Doxy, allowing for more accurately focussed stimulation.

Womanizer Air Suction Clitoral StimulatorWomanizer Air Suction Clitoral Stimulator

Air Pleasure Clitoral Stimulator

For penis-free fun, there’s nothing quite like Air Pleasure to deliver clitoral stimulation on another level. Great for solo play or with a partner, the range from Womanizer uses pulses of air to gently suck and tease the clitoris to deliver body-quivering orgasms again and again. 

Offering 6 intensity settings, the Womanizer Liberty is so good, even Lily Allen put her name to it and launched a special edition with a powerful colour scheme that just radiates good vibes.

For the ultimate in orgasmic pleasure, it has to be the Womanizer Premium. Its clever Autopilot feature delivers 12 intensity levels at random, edging you to the most incredible climax. Whichever you choose, each one is fully rechargeable and completely waterproof making them great for bathtime fun too!

Adjustable Vibrating Cock RingAdjustable Vibrating Cock Ring

Adjustable Cock Rings

Rather than a set size ring, an adjustable cock ring tightens using a bead to find the desired fit, making them perfect for FTM people. For trans men who’ve not had bottom surgery but have gained growth on testosterone, it can be used around the genitals to help maintain an erection and boost sensation. For post-phalloplasty people, the base of the penis tends to be the most sensitive, so try the Rings of Love Adjustable Vibrating Cock Ring for added stimulation.

Strapless StraponsStrapless Strapons

Strapless Strapon

These double-ended dildos are specifically made for two vagina-owners, with the smaller end inserted into the vagina of the wearer and held in place by their pelvic muscles. We particularly like the Fun Factory Sharevibe that comes with a removable bullet vibrator, sending exhilarating vibrations through the toy to pleasure both partners. Its curved shape pushes against the G-Spot of the wearer, whilst the perfectly placed ridge in the middle stimulates each clitoris with every thrust.

Avant Pride DildosAvant Pride Dildos

Rainbow Dildos & Butt Plugs

For the ultimate celebration of Pride, it has to be the Avant Pride Collection from Blush. Each of these stylish, handcrafted dildos and butt plugs have been coloured to represent the different Pride Flags. They’re all made of the finest, flexible body-safe silicone, are fully waterproof, harness compatible and feature a strong suction-cup base. So whether you’re celebrating your pride on your own or with a partner, using them in a vagina or an anus, these gorgeously bright beauties are the perfect addition to any queer collection.


Strap-on Harness BriefsStrap-on Harness Briefs

Strap-on Harness Briefs

These underwear-style strap-on harnesses are so comfortable and brilliantly versatile. Made of 95% cotton, they’re machine washable and soft enough to be worn under your regular clothes for everyday packing. When it comes to play, the sturdy 1.5” silicone O-ring will keep any dildo firmly in place - plus it features 2 strategically placed internal pockets that will hold a bullet vibrator for added stimulation.


Fleshjack Stroker

Created by Fleshlight, the world’s best-selling sex toy for men, the Fleshjack range of masturbation sleeves have been specifically developed for gay, bi and queer men - moulded on a male porn star’s butt, instead of a female porn star’s vulva. Each super-soft silicone sleeve is textured with bumps and ridges to give the most incredible penetration sensation.

Play Dice

Not all toys are for genitals! These gender-neutral Lucky Love Dice are brilliant for spicing up your foreplay, no matter who you’re playing with. The three dice can be customised to suit you and include locations and actions, plus a choice of sensitive body parts that everyone owns such as the back of the neck, belly and mouth.


Lube, lube, lube. With a partner, on your own, with a toy, all sex is better with lube. Creating a slicker glide, reducing friction and helping to avoid damaging any delicate tissues, to us, a good personal lubricant is a bedside essential. 

For anal sex, you might want to try ID Backslide. Thick, cushiony, smooth, and long-lasting, this silicone lubricant not only has super slip but also contains clove and spilanthes that act as a mild muscle relaxant - making penetration easier without dulling any of the pleasure. 

If you’re using silicone toys, however, opt for a water-based lube as the silicone ones can break down the materials in silicone toys. 

Whether you’re using toys or not, water-based ID Glide is a great all-round choice for all genitals.

Non-Phallic Dildos

If you want the filling sensation of penetration but don’t want the realistic look of a penis, there’s a wide range of dildos in a multitude of colours to choose from. Most of our dildos come with a wide flared suction cup base making them great for hands-free solo play or using in a harness with a partner. Whether you want added bumps for a different sensation, smooth and straight, or gently curved to hit your G-Spot, there’s one for you.

Double-ended Dildos

For partners who want to go cheek to cheek and experience the sensation of penetration simultaneously, a double-ender is a perfect solution. Used vaginally or anally, the fully flexible length moves with your bodies in whatever position you want, giving you a closer intimate encounter.

Prostate Massagers

For people assigned male at birth, the prostate located on the inside wall of the rectum can produce the most intense orgasms when massaged. When you really want to hit the spot, we'd recommend the We-Vibe Vector, which not only stimulates the p-spot but the perineum as well. And stimulating both these highly erogenous zones together makes for a mind-blowing orgasm! 

Whilst you can enjoy this brilliant toy solo, this also comes with the option to link it up to a phone via Bluetooth, turning the phone into a remote control. Use the We-Connect app and you can hand over control to a partner, no matter where they are in the world, letting them decide which of the 10 intensity and vibration patterns to use!

Bondage Play

A bit of kink is something that can be enjoyed by any couple. Somewhat ironically, the act of bondage gives you the highest level of sexual freedom you can experience. Freedom to play, to explore, to just let everything else go and get lost in the moment. With your eyes covered, your arms and/or legs bound in some way, you are completely at your partner’s mercy. This can be a hugely liberating and intensely erotic experience; giving yourself entirely to someone and trusting them with your body. 

If it's your first time into the world of kink, there are simple places to start like blindfolds and soft cuffs, but for the BDSM aficionado, we've got a whole range of bondage accessories for you to explore.

Ultimately, however you like to be pleasured comes down to personal preference. But whatever you're into, we're bound to have something that will suit. Explore our range of vibrators and anal toys, and always remember the lube! If you want a bit of help deciding what's right for you, call our friendly customer service team on 020 3434 69 69 who will be happy to help, or pop into one of our two London stores for advice from our knowledgeable sales advisors.