Lightly Does It — The Power of Sexy Feather Ticklers

Lightly Does It — The Power of Sexy Feather Ticklers

Sexy feather ticklers might not look like much — I mean, how devastating can a few soft feathers attached to a handle really be? — but, there’s a good reason they fall under the banner of BDSM tools.


It all comes down to sensory play.

Like spanking paddles, blindfolds, clamps and Wartenberg wheels, feather ticklers are used to stimulate the skin's surface. However, unlike some BDSM tools, they’re easy to use, unintimidating (compared to some BDSM sex toys), and can be inexpensive.

When placed in the right hands, feathered strokes across your most sensitive tickle spots could result in fits of giggles and laughs, with you begging your partner to stop.



A good time to use a feather tickler could be:

·         During foreplay, as a new sensation to explore

·         As part of an erotic massage, to help your partner relax

·         Between heavier impact play strokes, for contrasting lighter touches

·         During roleplay, to accessorise a French maid outfit

·         As part of an erotic tickling scene



How to use a sexy feather tickler for giggles and belly-laughs

When using a feather tickler as a sensory contrast to spanking, you’ll probably only really focus the strokes on the areas that have just been hit. During an erotic massage, long, continuous caresses from head to toes will feel more relaxing.

To tease with feathery tickles, explore the whole of your partner’s body. This way you’ll discover their most-sensitive tickle-worthy zones.

Begin stroking the feather across hardier areas that may not be especially ticklish — for example, the tops of thighs, the backs of arms and tops of shoulders. Vary the pressure and length of the caresses to keep them on their toes. The fun here is to lure them into thinking, ‘This isn’t so bad. It’s even relaxing’.

Steadily build up to running the feather over more sensitive areas of their body. These are zones you think will make your partner twitch and giggle because it feels ticklish when stroked. Some good spots to try could be:

  • Bottom of the feet
  • Inner arms
  • Underarms
  • Ribcage and along the side of each breast
  • Alongside the ear and down the neck
  • Lower back
  • Testicles
  • Inner thighs
  • Backs of knees

If your aim is to really make them laugh and the sexy feathers aren’t making them writhe or giggle as much as you’d like, you could mix it up with a tickle or two using your fingertips.


Coco de Mer - Black Leather Feather Tickler


Feathers and blindfolds, name a better duo

Try introducing a blindfold to take your feather tickler sensory play up a notch. By removing your partner’s sight, their other senses will heighten as they try to listen or sense where you’re going to run those feathers next. The feeling of anticipation and surprise can be deliciously fun and could even cause nervous giggles as they try to second guess you.

The important thing to remember is that sex can be fun. It can be a form of play so making each other laugh a little is no bad thing.



A sexy feather tickler is just the beginning…

For more light bondage ideas to compliment your feather fun, here’s what else your basic bondage toolbox should include. Perhaps you could introduce gags or rope bondage to limit resistance (with consent, of course). Or if you want to take your adult games to the next level, try using a leather flogger or kinky riding crop.

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