What is Sexual Wellness?

What is Sexual Wellness?

Sex is fun. We know it and my word, do Harmony customers know it! For it to be fun and satisfying and for you to fully immerse yourself in the delights of sex, you need to feel well, safe and confident. Sexual health and wellness are a huge part of this.


Since the pandemic and lockdown, the way we think about our health and well-being has changed drastically and this change in ideas and attitudes applies to our sexual health and well-being too.

Typically, sexual health brings to mind cold medical waiting rooms, swabs, tests and things of that nature. Not particularly appealing right? Sexual wellness on the other hand seems a somewhat more inclusive and holistic term, highlighting the interconnectedness of physical, mental and sexual health and even taking into consideration our sexual fulfilment and pleasure. Ultimately, the definition of sexual wellness is a fluid one and it means different things for different people so it’s not quite as clear cut as being sexually ‘well’ or ‘unwell’.

For example, if you have a condition it does not mean that you are inherently sexually unwell. You can have an STI and be sexually well, getting regularly tested or receiving treatment. In a similar way, if you have no condition or disease you may have a completely unfulfilling sex life that makes you unhappy and that might be considered unhealthy. The fact that sexual well-being treads emotional territory, as well as that of the physical, makes it all the more complex to navigate.


So all in all, there’s quite a lot to sexual wellness. If it feels overwhelming, that’s because, at times, it can be. Sex and sexuality are such important parts of who we are as humans so we need to look after our sexual health just as we might look after other areas of our health. Not only does this mean trips to the sexual health clinic, STI tests, thinking about contraception, and checking your boobs or balls but thinking about respect, consent, sexual rights, communication and learning about yourself and your sexuality.



In short, sexual health covers a whole host of areas and its importance should not be underestimated as it has an impact on many other areas of health. From contraception and STIs to family planning and learning about the wonders of pleasure and the body, sexual health affects us all and is an intrinsic part of being human.

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Our extensive collection hosts a range of well-loved and effective sexual well-being products ranging from pleasure-enhancing and prolonging supplements, to penis pumps, libido boosters, body oils, lubricants, intimate care products and contraception like condoms, all working to ensure your intimate life is as satisfying as can be. 

Our products offer to give you that added edge, whether that means enhancing your performance through supplements or heightening your confidence with oils and bubble baths -  feeling good in your own skin is the first step to better sex for everyone and that means indulging in a spot of self-care from time to time.

Discovering the benefits of sexual wellness products can heighten intimate pleasure, and help you and your partner enjoy a safe, healthy and fun sex life. What’s more, at Harmony, we’re masters of discretion. You can rest assured that your order of sexual wellness products will always be packaged and delivered completely inconspicuously and no one else will know what’s arriving at your doorstep. Shop the range with confidence today.


As always if you are concerned about your sexual health or any areas this post touches on please seek advice from your healthcare provider, a health professional, the NHS website, or a sexual health clinic.