How to create a sexy Easter Egg Hunt

How to create a sexy Easter Egg Hunt

Set up a sexy Easter Egg Hunt for your partner

This year we're taking back Easter egg hunts. I refuse to believe that they're exclusively for small children and families, and only include chocolate prizes. Don't get me wrong, I love stuffing my face full of chocolate on Easter weekend until I hit a sugar coma, but this year it's the adults turn. This year, we're playing the sexy Easter Egg Hunt game.

I'm a big fan of foreplay and building some sexy tension before the main event. Plus sex is meant to be fun and put a smile on your face. Playing a game of hide and seek in the form of a hunt around the house is an ideal way to create an erotic buzz.

Get your mouth around more than just a me egg by creating a sexy indoors Easter egg hunt for you and your other half. Here's how…

The aim of the game

To lead your partner on a hunt around the house finding sexy clues and treats to get them in the mood for a lust-filled evening.

Find hollow eggs at your local craft store.

What you'll need

  • Hollow plastic eggs
  • Coloured paper
  • Pen
  • Sexy treats of your choice

How to play

Decide how many plastic eggs you want to hide (between 5 and 10 makes a good hunt) and then fill each one with a sexy adult gift. We've made some suggestions below, but you could also put in alcohol miniatures, little perfumes or their favourite cosmetics, for example. It really depends on your budget.

Number each of the eggs on the outside. If you're using sex toys only as prizes, write a small accompanying note on coloured paper saying what you'd like them to do with it, or how you'd like to see them use it. Something along the lines of, 'On your finger this ring does fit, I'd love to see it buzz against your clit.' Or, 'Which of these rubbers will you pick? I'd like to watch you roll it on my dick.' They don't have to rhyme. The important thing is to pick sexy actions that you know they'll enjoy doing. Remember this is meant to be fun, not a game to put them on the spot. If you're struggling for inspiration, you could try a card game like The Bedroom Game, which has loads of erotic suggestions.

Hide the numbered eggs around the house. Consider placing them in locations where you'd like to have sex: near the sofa, on the dining room table, in the shower, on the stairs, maybe even in the garden shed. Be creative. The idea is that your sexy Easter egg hunt not only gives you new sex toys to play with, but allows you to move out of the bedroom and experiment with sex and foreplay in different locations.

Give your partner clues on where to look by playing hotter and colder when they get close to the next egg say or if they're far away indicate that they're “colder”. When they find the sexy Easter treat indulge in some sex play with your new toy.

The biggest challenge will be seeing if you can make it to the end of your erotic Easter egg hunt, or if you get too distracted and it (happily) takes the whole day…

Use the Easter egg hunt to take fun beyond the bedroom

Sexy gift ideas to put in your eggs

As well as filling one or two with your partner's favourite sweets or chocolates that they can enjoy during the hunt (or feed to you), here are some naughtier, egg-sized gift suggestions.

Chocolate lubricant

The 30ml bottles of System JO flavoured lubes are perfect for kissing and licking off your partner's body. The Chocolate Delight flavour seems very apt for Easter.

A blindfold

Take away your partner's sight and it will heighten all of their other senses. Easy to fold up, use this satin blindfold to cover your lover's eyes.

One use cock ring

Get enough extra pleasure for the whole Easter weekend from the Screaming O Colour Pop Quickie cock ring. Although this is a one use cock ring, it does include an on/off switch for more than one frolic.

Skimpy underwear

Roll up a pair of sexy undies that you'd like to see your other half slip into for Easter. Skimpy thongs for men from the Envy range and lacy styles for women from the Baci collection are affordable and the ideal small gift size.

A condom selection

The best thing about condoms is how much variety there is. Pick up an assorted pack of flavours and textures and mix and match how you play with rubbers to keep sex interesting.

Naughty sweets

Fill one or two of the eggs with Jelly Boobs or Jelly Willies as a cheeky alternative to chocolate.

Finger Vibrator

Tiny and discreet, the Screaming O FingO Tips are one use finger vibes with a textured surface. Perfect for using on his or her hot spots.

Masturbation Eggs

No need to put these TENGA masturbation sleeves in an egg, because they already arrive in one. Pick from a range of textures, or buy a half-dozen egg pack and use them for the whole hunt.

Sexy Games

1000 Sex Games For Adults Great for spicing up your lust life, the 1000 Sex Games for Adults lets you create a sexy game that includes flirting, foreplay and hot lovemaking encounters.

Need more help and advice?

For more sexy gift ideas, check out the Gifts & Games section. Alternatively visit one of our stores and our trained sales staff will be able to help you pick out some sexy toys for your adult Easter egg hunt.