Role playing outfits you need to try

Role playing outfits you need to try

Spice things up with these captivating costumes!

What could be more tantalising than slipping into a sexy costume and indulging in some role-play? 

Everyone loves a bit of fancy dress from time to time - you don't have to wait until Halloween!

Dressing up and playing a character can be hugely liberating and erotic, allowing you to cast your inhibitions aside and get lost in the moment. It's no wonder that trying out some role play is a popular favourite amongst so many couples who want to spice things up in the bedroom.

How far you go with your outfit is entirely up to you and there are loads of options for you to explore. You may want to go for the full effect cosplay costume, complete with a wig and accessories to take on the character of who you're wanting to be. Or you can simply go for the sexy lingerie costume like a delicate chemise or babydoll that hints at the role you're acting out.

No matter where your imagination takes you, just remember to have fun. We know it can be daunting and feel a bit silly to dress up at first, but once you relax into your roles, you'll be wondering why you never tried it before!

Here's a few of the most popular role play outfits to give you some inspiration.

French Maid Outfit

One of the classic role-play scenarios; the alluring maid who's going about her duties, swinging her hips whilst flicking around that tickling feather duster, and is just too tempting to have your wicked way with!

The french maid costume usually comes with a barely-there black dress and lacey white apron combo and is great when paired with some sexy fishnet stockings. 

This maid uniform from Dreamgirl is the epitome sexy French Maid, complete with frilly white ruffles, maid cap headband, and ribbon choker. The main bodysuit has detachable garters for adding those seductive stockings and is crotchless, allowing you to keep the full outfit intact throughout your play!


Naughty Nurse Uniform

For those partners who'll do ANYTHING to make their lover 'feel' better, the naughty nurse outfit is a popular choice. 

Another all-time classic, sexy nurse costumes usually come in slinky red and white fabrics, covering as much or as little as you dare to bare.

If you like the fetish or wet look, this PVC white dress will set pulses racing. Featuring a full-length front zip, this nurse’s outfit is as easy to slip into as it is to slip off with its minuscule length leaving little to the imagination.


Sexy School Girl Costume

There's lots of fun to be had with this role - whether you're the naughty school girl looking to seduce their teacher or the submissive student being taught all sorts of kinky lessons from the headmaster.

This scenario is great for introductory BDSM and bringing some props into play too. The rebellious student who needs punishing with a good spanking for example!

Short plaid skirts and the suggestion of a tight white shirt are a must for the sexy school girl costume, especially when teamed with some thigh-high socks.

This oh-so-cheeky school girl outfit is bound to land you in detention, featuring a ruffled halter bra, pleated woven skirt, and matching necktie.

Policewoman Uniform

For those who like to take charge in the bedroom, there are fewer sexy outfits than a kinky cop costume.

Designed to celebrate your curves, this plus-size teddy from Dreamgirl is full of sex appeal. 

Featuring a plunging halter neckline with adjustable ties at the back, zip detail that zips from front to back, a thong back, a police badge, and sexy sunglasses. It even comes with an elastic belt with removable, functional handcuffs for when you need to detain your naughty lover.

Seductive Secretary Costume

Dressing like a sexy secretary or office executive is a very popular bedroom costume that offers a diverse range of scenarios to play with too, such as staying late to 'help the boss' or even a very thorough job interview!

Look every bit the professional executive in this double-breasted pinstripe bustier that comes complete with matching g-string, plastic glasses, and garters for you to attach your favourite stockings.


Take it outside the bedroom

Not all role play costumes have to be worn exclusively in the bedroom. These sexy outfits make gorgeously tantalising Halloween costumes and many of the fetish wear outfits, PVC and faux leather styles are perfect clubwear.


Don't forget the accessories

For the full role play experience, it's good to have a few props to hand to play out your scenario. Every good police officer should have a pair of handcuffs, and what would a teacher be without a good whip or paddle for punishing their naughty student. 

When completing your outfit, try adding some gloves or a wig, and you can't go wrong with some sexy hosiery.