Fleshlight - The Best Male Masturbator

Fleshlight - The Best Male Masturbator

Take your masturbation experience to the next level with a Fleshlight

Do you have a penis? Do you like masturbating? You need a Fleshlight.

Fleshlights are the biggest-selling male sex toy in the world, and for very good reason. You may think that you’ve done perfectly well up to now with your own hand and some porn, but once you’ve felt how amazing this male masturbator is, you’ll never look back!

So what makes Fleshlight toys so good?

It all comes down to their patented lifelike texture. Fleshlight sleeves are made of a material called Superskin, designed specifically to simulate the feel of real skin and penetrative sex. Lube it up with some water-based lube and it really does feel like the real thing. 

Made to look discreet and relatively inconspicuous, the hard outer shell does resemble a flashlight - hence the name. But there’s more to the casing than its looks. Take the cap off to reveal that inviting look of a real vagina (or ass, but we’ll get to that later), designed to please both physically and visually. At the other end, the twistable end cap allows you to control the level of airflow and suction, the tighter the cap - the tighter the grip on your penis. 

They’re also completely reusable. Many male sex toys are often made for single use or with a condom. That’s not the case with Fleshlight, so you really do get value for money. The inner sleeve is removable for easy cleaning. Then just make sure it's dried thoroughly and put back in the case and it’s ready for next time!

Which Fleshlight should I get?

There is a huge range of different Fleshlights offering tons of varied sensations. So we get that it's slightly overwhelming. If you're looking to buy your first Fleshlight, here's where to start.

Choose where you like it

To start with, one of the first things you’ll notice is the different orifices. Most of the standard fleshlights have an opening that resembles a woman’s pussy or ass. Some even have a pair of soft blow job lips!

Then it’s all about the sleeve texture

When you start looking at Fleshlights, you’ll see words like Destroya, Utopia, Crush and Vortex. But what do these even mean?

These are the different textures inside the sleeve - and there are tons to choose from! But that just means you can enjoy testing them all out for new, exciting sensations, just like the different feelings you get when you sleep with a new (human) partner! The inside of each sleeve is shaped with an array of bumps, nubs, ridges, ribs and waves, all designed to stimulate your penis with every thrust taking you to the most intense climax!

The Fleshlight Models

The Pink Lady Original
As the name suggests, the Pink Lady Original is the Classic, basic level Fleshlight, with either a pussy or ass opening and a smooth, straight tunnel.

Fleshlight Girls
Get inside your favorite porn star with the amazing Fleshlight Girls range. For added realism, these have orifices that have been cast from the bodies of some of the world’s most famous porn stars and each star has their own Fleshlight 'signature' texture. The entrances to these are so much more realistic to look at and give a much greater visual appeal.

Fleshlight Ice
For incredible visual stimulation, the Ice range still offers that realistic feel but with a clear, transparent sleeve allowing you to see every movement as you thrust into them.

Fleshlight Quickshot
Instead of a full sleeve that encases your penis, the Quickshot is open at both ends, so it's more like a wide ring. The advantage here is that they’re smaller and more portable (great for travel!), and also good to use with a partner, especially for oral sex. Use it around your shaft while your partner focuses their mouth on the head of your penis for an insane deep-throat feel blow job!

Fleshlight Flight
The Flight range is stylishly sleek and more compact, perfect for travel and easy storage. Slightly thinner and shorter than most Fleshlights, they're ideal for smaller and average penis sizes.

Stamina Training Unit
Whilst they're great for general masturbation, many guys like to use a Fleshlight to help improve their sex life by increasing their sexual stamina. The idea is to build up your endurance over time, edging your way to delay ejaculation. This specially designed Fleshlight replicates the intense sensations of intercourse, helping you train to last longer and improve your performance in the bedroom.

Our Favorite Fleshlights

We're always asked, "Which is the best Fleshlight sleeve?", but ultimately, that comes down to personal preference. 

When looking to buy your first Fleshlight, we'd recommend starting with something on the gentler side. You can always move things up a notch with a tighter, more intense sleeve next time. To start with, avoid sleeves with tight restrictions or deep 'fangs'. Instead, look for ones with a straighter, textured chamber.

Here's a few of our favorite and best-selling Fleshlight masturbators.

Stoya Destroya
Get your hands on the goth-girl next door with the Stoya Destroya. Modelled on Stoya’s pussy, this is one of our best-selling Fleshlights and a firm staff favourite too. Plunge into the lotus style tunnel that starts tight at the entrance before blossoming out into a wider passage for an intense level of stimulation.

Alexis Texas Outlaw
Modelled on the famous porn star’s pussy, Alexis’ signature texture features a tight entrance and twisted canal with deep ridges that will softly stroke your shaft to the most amazing climax.

Dillion Harper Crush
Modelled on her pussy, Dillion Harper’s signature ‘Crush’ texture will take you on an orgasmic journey you didn’t think possible, with five uniquely textured chambers.

Riley Reid Euphoria
Take Riley Reid home for yourself and experience ‘Euphoria’, her signature Fleshlight texture. This wildly ribbed design will grip you tightly at every inch.

Eva Lovia Spice
Exclusively modelled after Eva Lovia’s very own butthole, the realistic super tight entryway is the start of an amazing climax-inducing experience with tantalisingly tight ribs, textured waves and smooth ridges on the internal chambers. According to many fleshlight reviews, this is one of the tightest and most realistic Fleshlights.

Elsa Jean Tasty
This Fleshlight masturbator, modelled after pornstar Elsa Jean's actual pussy, will have you seeing stars. This is the perfect combination of ribbed design and unique pleasure pockets.

Jessica Drake Heavenly
Cast from the vulva of Jessica Drake, this Fleshlight is one of their most stimulating with beading, ribbing and insane winding all in one wild ride. It also has one of the tightest sections of any sleeve, making it ideal for those with a slimmer girth, or those who just like a really, really tight fit!

Quickshot Vantage
The closest you'll get to a pocket pussy from Fleshlight, the Quickshot Vantage is their most compact model. Open at both ends, its clear-as-crystal case and sleeve allow you to watch every satisfying stroke, lending itself to a visually stimulating experience.

A few tips for the best Fleshlight experience

Before using your Fleshlight for the first time, you'll want to give it a quick wash with some warm water. A quick heads-up - remember to remove the cardboard or any tubes from inside the shaft!

Fleshlight's superskin material is made of silicone, so always use a water-based lube. A silicone or oil-based lubricant will break down the delicate material.

For a more realistic experience, warm it up. To do this, take the sleeve out of the case and run it under some warm water, or place it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Or for the easier route - buy a Fleshlight Warmer!

Take things up a notch (and save yourself the dreaded death grip) and go hands-free. For a steamy session, get your hands on the Fleshlight Shower Mount which attaches to the wall with a strong suction cup.

And always clean up when you're done

Unlike a lot of other male masturbators, Fleshlights are designed to be used again and again, and with good care, they’ll last for ages. So always wash your Fleshlight thoroughly after every use. Take it apart, wash the case separately and then rinse the sleeve with lots of warm water. You can even turn it out to make sure you clean every ridge and crevice.

For best results, give it a spritz of Fleshlight Wash to help sterilise it and leave it to air dry. Make sure all components are completely dry before you reassemble them. Otherwise, you could end up with a damp and mouldy Fleshlight!


The choice is yours

Head over to our Fleshlights page and choose the one that's right for you. Or if you're in London, head into one of our stores and see the different options available in the "flesh"...!