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Toy Joy Funky Seduction Sleeve

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Sometimes the simple things are best! This tiny toy could be all you need to completely revitalise your sex life as there are so many uses for this soft sleeve whether playing alone or with a partner.

Toy Joy Funky Seduction Sleeve

Sometimes it's the simple sex toys that can add the most passion to your lust life. Take the Toy Joy Funky Seduction Sleeve for example. There are so many different uses for it, each one a great way to add variety to sex.

Men can use it as a masturbation sleeve. Simply apply water-based lubricant and turn it inside out so the textured nodules are facing inside. Every stroke will feel even more satisfying. Alternatively, if he's playing with a partner, have the texture facing outwards to add girth and sensation for her pleasure as it strokes in and out.

Ladies, use this to spice up your favourite classic vibrator. Simply slip it over the length of your favourite vibe to reinvent it at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one!

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer: Toy Joy 
Colour: Pink 
Size: Stretch to fit 
Power: N/A 
Material: PVC 
Feel: Soft, Flexible, Textured 
SKU: N4732 
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