TENGA Twister Texture Male Masturbator Egg

TENGA Twister Texture Male Masturbator Egg

The Tenga Twister has several raised lines and swirls to give you a unique sensation. Crack yours open today for amazing solo sessions.

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Colour White
Material Soft Plastic

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The Twister Egg is a stretchy silicone masturbation sleeve, designed by an innovative Japanese company, Tenga. To use, simply crack the egg open, take out the sleeve, add water-based lube and stretch it over your manhood.

Raised lines inside the Tenga Twister Egg offers unique sensations. The combination of the twisting lines and the twisting movement of your hand will offer stimulation that beats traditional masturbation techniques.

Designed as a one-time use only product, but with careful cleaning and the use of a condom, this egg can be used 2 or 3 times. Comes pre-lubricated, but more water-based lube can be added if you like your rides especially wet.

Additional Information

Brand Tenga
Colour White
Internal Length 2.5 inches
Material Soft Plastic
Opening Neutral

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