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Spartacus Double Penis Gag

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The Spartacus Double Penis Gag is the perfect fetish accessory for a lesson in humiliation.

Perfect for a lesson in humiliation, the Spartacus Double Penis Gag is designed to control and silence a submissive, but provide all the pleasure the Dominant partner desires. Fit the gag around the head using the adjustable buckle-fastening strap. The smaller phallus on the inside should be placed into the wearer's mouth; this will keep them quiet. The other, longer dildo is the perfect size and shape for some penetrative pleasure for the Domme or Master to enjoy. How hard you ride the submissive's face is up to you!

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer: Spartacus 
Colour: Black, Flesh White 
Material: Leather, Rubber 
Feel: Firm, Strong, Textured 
SKU: N7147 
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