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Spartacus Chain Link Tweezer Nipple Clamps

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These gorgeous clamps from Spartacus for men and women are as versatile as they are attractive. Whether you wish to put them on lightly, enjoying the feel and look of the cold metal chain against your chest, or whether you want to close them that little bit tighter\, pushing the sensitivity up to pain, is up to you!

These larger looking tweezer clamps certainly offer a firm pinch. Although they are rubber tipped for the wearer's comfort, they are still firm enough to cause titillating discomfort. On each tweezer is a small metal slider, which allows whoever is in control to adjust the intensity. The closer the slider is to the tip, the harder the pinch. Tweezers are connected with a small, metal chain.

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer: Spartacus 
Colour: Silver, Metal 
Size (Metric): Adjustable 
Size (Imperial): Adjustable 
Power: N/A 
Material: Metal, Rubber 
Feel: Hard, Firm 
SKU: N4805 
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