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Spank Ties - Black

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Probably the fastest growing craze in the sex toys industry, Spank Ties are just out this year to massive acclaim from customers - when we saw this innovative idea we couldn\'t help but snap them up!Innocent enough to slip into your suitcase for a weekend away, the Spankties do exactly what they say on the box - either bend in half for a satisfying crop that will sting but not mark or cut no matter how hard you play - and then open them out and twist them around to tie each other up in any position that takes your fancy!You get two spank ties in a box and you can use them to keep each other in all sorts of weird and wonderful positions!Each Tie is made from thick, bendy wire covered with a soft yielding rubber, giving you the strength of restraint you\'d normally only get with top quality handcuffs, and amazing comfort. Perfect for beginners but also being used amongst the experienced kink community, these are so quick and easy to use you\'ll quickly find you never need another restraint!
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