Sexual Roleplay Adult Card Game

Sexual Roleplay Adult Card Game

The Sexual Roleplay Adult Card Game includes 60 cards, each containing an erotic fetish or fantasy scenario for you and your lover to try out.

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If you want to try fantasy roleplay, but you're not sure on how to pick a scenario and set it up, then let the Sexual Roleplay Adult Card Game provide the erotic inspiration needed for a satisfying session of make believe. This game combines popular fetishes and fantasies, offering up suggestions of character play that you may not have otherwise thought of.

To play, fan out the 60 scenario cards. Decide who will be black of hearts and who will be red and then roll the die; whoever's colour it lands on gets to pick a card at random. Read out the scenario and then play out the scene. Remember, you don-'t have to let the first roleplay scenario end in orgasm. You can take it slow, perform one sex act and then roll again and pick another card.

While Sexual Roleplay Adult Card Game provides the inspiration, it doesn't include the props. Before playing, grab items that can be used as soft restraints, a blindfold or gag, spanking paddle and simple accessories for costumes to help you get into character. From there, the only limitation is your imagination.

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Manufacturer:  Ball & Chain 
Players:  2 Players
Material:  Card Game