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Sex & Mischief Red Beginner`s Handcuffs

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The Sex & Mischief Red Beginner's Handcuffs are a pair of soft fabric wrist restraints that are fully adjustable and fasten using strong Velcro. Extra padding will provide the wearer with maximum comfort and minimise any chance of tell-tale friction marks being left on the skin. Perfect for bondage beginners.

Sex & Mischief Red Beginner-'s Handcuffs

Experiment with restraint games safely and in comfort by using the Sex & Mischief Red Beginner-'s Handcuffs to truss up wrists. Each fabric cuff is padded, maximising the wearer-'s comfort and minimising any worry of friction marks being left behind after your S&M fun. The soft handcuffs are completely adjustable and fasten tightly using strong Velcro. It will effectively hold your partner-'s wrists in place, but also makes them easy to undo even in the throes of passion and you need a quick release.

While the Sex & Mischief Red Beginner-'s Handcuffs come with a connecting metal clip to fasten the wrists together for reduced arm movement, the cuffs also have a metal D-ring on the outside. This means that as your experience increases you can team these handcuffs with other bondage accessories like rope, additional chains, clips and cuffs so you can get up to even more sex and mischief during your kinky BDSM sessions.

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Sportsheets International, Inc. 
Colour:  Red
Size (Metric):  Adjustable
Size (Imperial):  Adjustable
Power:  N/A
Material:  Metal, Nylon
Feel:  Soft, Flexible
SKU:  N8660
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