Rouge White Leather Hand Crop

Rouge White Leather Hand Crop

Deliver a sound punishment during your S&M session using this high-quality bondage whip. Perfect for spanking, the leather flap is shaped like a small hand and will deliver a sharp, stinging blow. Part of the high-quality range designed by Rouge Garments.

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Color White

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Deliver a sound punishment during your S&M games using the high-quality Rouge White Leather Hand Crop. The flap of this bondage whip is made from genuine leather and shaped like a small palm. Use it firmly enough and a small hand-shaped imprint will be left on the skin. Very satisfying when admiring your handy work afterwards.

Measuring 23.5 inches in length, the stem of the riding crop has been hand-braided so it's flexible but strong. Use the wrist-loop to keep control of the whip even in the most frenzied of sessions and the wrapped leather handle provides excellent grip.

Part of the luxury bondage range created by UK bondage brand, Rouge Garments.

Additional Information

Details And Care
Manufacturer: Rouge
Colour: White
Size: 23.5 inches | 59 cm
Material: Leather
Feel: Firm, Smooth, Light