Perfect Fit Tunnel Butt Plug Extra Large

Perfect Fit Tunnel Butt Plug Extra Large

The Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug Extra Large is an anal sex toy with a twist. This extreme anal toy has a circumference of 9 inches and a wide tunnel running through the middle of it. Once inserted, not only will you be able to see deep into your lover, but you'll also be able to probe further with extra anal dildos, fingers or lubricant applicators.

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Material Silicone

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Use the Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug Extra Large and satisfy your voyeuristic fantasies. With a hollow tunnel running through the centre of the butt plug, this is an anal sex toy with a twist because it allows you to see deeper into your lover than ever before.

Apply water-based lubricant and ease the rounded tunnel plug inside. Not only will you get an intimate view, but the tunnel is wide enough to insert extra probing fingers, anal dildos or lube tubes.

The Extra Large Tunnel Plug measures 9 inches in circumference, making it perfect for experienced anal players that are looking for a new challenge. This style also comes in medium and large, so you can find your perfect fit.

Choose from red, black or clear for when you want an unrestricted view. Made from silicone and a TPR blend, this extra-large butt plug should be used with water-based lubricants only.

Additional Information

Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Perfect Fit  
Colour:  Black, Clear
Size (Metric):  22.9 cm x 10.2 cm
Size (Imperial):  9 Inches x 4 Inches
Power:  N/A
Material:  Silicone
Feel:  Flexible, Smooth, Firm
SKU:  HP-04