PalmPower Silicone Body Massager Heads

PalmPower Silicone Body Massager Heads

Use the PalmPower Body Massager Heads to transform the shape and feel of the PalmPower Magic Wand Massager. Made from body safe silicone. One provides focused stimulation, while the other is ideal for massaging wider areas of the body.

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Get two PalmBody Massager Heads and transform the shape and feel of your PalmPower Magic Wand Massager. Designed to fit over the head of the powerful hand-held wand vibrator, each of these silicone massager heads provides you with different sensations when rolled over your body.

PalmFinger is the thinner, narrower body massager head. Use this for focused stimulation during an erotic massage. PalmCurve is wider with rounded edges. Use this when massaging larger areas of the body, such as the back, or legs.

Each is made from 100% phthalates free silicone. Apply a thick water-based lubricant to the Palm Power Body Massager Heads to ease any unwanted friction and ensure a satisfying glide over your body.

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Brand Palmpower
Colour Pink