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Nookii Confidential Espionage Game

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Nookii Confidential is a super-sexy spy game for couples with a licence to thrill! Includes everything you need to play out espionage role play fantasies.

Whether you fantasise about being James Bond, or being with James Bond, Nookii Confidential is a super-sexy spy game for couples that will give you both a licence to thrill! This roleplay set contains all manner of saucy spy kit to give you and your partner a great night in filled with sexy fun!
There are 3 packs of cards for each player (each one representing a different type of game), a pair of dice, a blindfold, a timer, a flash light, a UV pen, lipstick and a door hanger to ensure privacy from other prying parties! Pick from a variety of different games to play, ranging from quickies to rather more in-depth scenarios, depending on how much time you have.
With dozens of missions to complete, there's no chance of getting bored - it's all a bit of fun with an espionage theme, but just how much fun you have is up to you!

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