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Nassty Collection Sleeve Kit

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This set of sleeves are designed to enhance pleasure for both of you as it provides support for longer lasting erections and texture to satisfy you both.

Maximise your sexual pleasure with this Nassty Collection Sleeve Kit. Designed to be worn over the penis, this selection of sleeves will help maintain an erection as well as feel great for both partners during sex. Super stretchy, this set of three rings will fit any man. Set comprises of a noduled tube sleeve that can offer pleasure during penetration, or turn it inside out for masturbation sessions; a short length ring with soft dots to help increase stamina; a dotted cock ring with clitoral pleaser, or turn it the other way around to stimulate the testicles. The options are varied and many with this excellent Nassty Collection Sleeve Kit.

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer: Nasstoys 
Colour: Clear, Grey 
Size (Metric): Stretches to fit 
Material: Rubber 
Feel: Textured, Flexible, Soft 
SKU: N7892 
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