Harmony 30 Inch Black Leg Spreader Bar

Harmony 30 Inch Black Leg Spreader Bar

Measuring 30 inches in length, this metal bar will keep your partner's legs spread wide. Fasten the genuine leather cuffs around their ankles, then clip to the strong metal O-ring positioned at each end of the bar. Choose between black or red leather cuffs. Part of our own Harmony bondage range.

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Leg Spreader Bar - Black 30 Inch

Use the Harmony 30 Inch Leg Spreader Bar during kinky bedroom games, or as a position enhancer in face-to-face sex positions. Not only will this allow you to keep eye-contact in those intimate moments, but it can also help you achieve deeper penetration and provide a sense of dominance over your partner.

Genuine leather ankle cuffs with adjustable buckle fastening, attach to either end of the 30 Inch tubular metal bar and also includes trigger clip to allow the cuffs to be worn separately.

Part of our Harmony bondage range, get the leather ankle cuffs in either black or red. This metal spreader bar is available in a shorter 24 Inch length too.

Additional Information

Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Rouge
Colour:  Black
Size:  30 Inches | 76cm
Extras:  Trigger Clip
Material:  Leather
SKU:  RLS1063BK30