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Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Hogtie

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Experiment with the art of Japanese rope bondage using the Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Hog Tie Set. Perfect for kinky beginners.

Pick up a book on the art of bondage and you'll find some reference to Japanese Rope bondage. It's both elegant and sensual as you tie your partner into beautiful, tantalising positions using soft, silk rope. Not only does this look attractive, but it makes it a lot easier to have your wicked way with them!
The Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Hog Tie Set allows you to bind your lover in this popular bondage position. Both wrists and ankles should be slipped through the loops and tightened either in front of the body or if flexible enough, behind. Either way, the end result is a flattering and titillating pose.

Fully adjustable, secure, but allows for quick and easy release. The Silk Rope Hog Tie Set is perfect for those just starting to dabble in the art of rope bondage.

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Fetish Fantasy 
Colour:  Black 
Size (Metric):  Adjustable
Size (Imperial):  Adjustable 
Power:  None Required
Material:  Silk 
Feel:  Soft, Flexible 
SKU:  PD2138-00
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