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Electrastim Sex Adventure Pack

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The ElectraStim Sex Adventure pack gives you access to an even greater range of sensual and electrical experiences!

For those that are tired of traditional vibrating or rotating sex toys, the ElectraStim Sex Adventure Pack could be a whole new pleasure horizon for you to enjoy. This range of products works by directly stimulating the nerve endings in erogenous zone areas, offering more intense sensations than your average vibrator ever could.
Connect the ElectraStim kit to purpose designed accessories and enough a wider variety of of electric stimulation either externally, or deep inside penetration. Use as a new form of foreplay with a partner, or experience it at your own pace during solo sessions.
The Sex Adventure kit includes a clear LED power level display, an easy-find on/off switch and wipe clean control panel. There are 4 electro conductive pads included too, which should be placed on the body wherever you desire to feel the current. Seven stimulating and enhanced effects and 18 output levels means there's plenty of variations and experiences for you to play with.
Perfect for fetish and role play scenarios. Please note that electrical products should not be used by people with heart conditions.

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Electrastim
Colour:  Black
Size (Metric):  230mm x 165mm x 40mm
Size (Imperial):  9" x 6.5" x 1.5"
Power: USB Rechargeable
Material:  Multi-Material
Feel:  Hard, Soft
SKU:  N6889
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