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Electrastim Bi-Polar Electra Leather Paddle

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Take your BDSM play to another level with the Electrastim Bi-Polar Electra Leather Paddle - the first spanking paddle to deliver a light electric tingle to the skin on contact.

Discover a new dimension to your BDSM play with ElectraStim's first electrical spanking device: the Bi-Polar Electra Leather Paddle. Combining the delicious bite of metal contacts with the warming sting of high-quality leather, this paddle has two distinct textures to play with.

The fun doesn't end there though – connect the Bi-Polar Electra Leather Paddle to an ElectraStim power pack and a charge will be sent to the three metal conductors that run along the length of the paddle. At the handle end of the paddle there are two connector sockets. Plug both in (bi-polar) to allow the current to run to all three of the electrodes, or use a single connector (uni-polar) and have either the two outer ones working, or the central one alone.

Get maximum sensation from this product by applying ElectraStim Conductor Gel before use. Rub a small amount onto each of the electrodes and this will increase the feeling as it comes into contact with the skin. Deliver short, sharp spanks, or use it to lightly tickle, tease and tap.

The ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electra Leather Paddle packs an intensified spank that feels different to anything else and allows you to really push your S&M boundaries. This really is a unique, high-class product that screams domination and will put any submissive firmly in their place.  

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer: Electrastim 
Colour: Black, Silver 
Size (Metric): 33.7cm (total length), 22.9cm (paddle length) 
Size (Imperial): 13.25in (total length), 9in (paddle length) 
Power: Electrastim power pack (not included) 
Material: Leather, Metal 
Feel: Firm 
SKU: N9128 
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