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Doc Johnson Spike Ultimate Desensitising Anal Lube

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Spike Ultimate Anal Lube from Doc Johnson is such a convenient way to get into a bit of anal play. The specially designed bottle makes sure you get the gear where you need it most!

Doc Johnson Spike Ultimate Desensitising Anal Lube is a great way to experience comfortable and enjoyable anal play. Spike Ultimate is a water-based lubricant, but has a little added extra: benzocaine. This helps to relax and slightly numb the anal muscles, so there's less pain or friction.
It is important to highlight though, that the anus is a sensitive area and can be prone to ripping, so even with Spike Ultimate, be sure to take your time if you're new to anal sex.
The spiked nozzle means it's easy to squeeze the lube right where you want it without fuss or mess.

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson
Colour:  Clear
Size (Metric):  142ml
Size (Imperial):  5 oz
Power:  N/A
Material:  Multi-material
Feel:  N/A
SKU:  N6216
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