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Dirty Dice Individual Game

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Spice up your foreplay sessions by playing the Dirty Dice Game. One die has a list of actions - like suck, lick, kiss - and the other has six of your hottest body parts. Roll the die together to reveal what action you should take on what part of your lover's body. Keep playing until one of you reaches orgasm.

Have some cheeky, naughty fun with a lover, or lovers, by playing the Dirty Dice Individual Game. Role the Dirty Dice and perform the action it suggests on the body of your lover. This game is great for when you need some foreplay inspiration, or would rather leave your steamy sessions in the hands of fate! Comes with a handy drawstring bag for storage. 

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Details And Care
Manufacturer: Classic Erotica 
Colour: Pink 
Size (Metric): 2 Die 
Size (Imperial): 2 Die 
Power: N/A 
Material: Plastic 
Feel: N/A 
SKU: N8562 
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