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CB-6000s Male Chastity Device Kit (Short)

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The CB-6000s chastity device has been designed with the smaller man in mind. Control your pleasure and orgasms by having them under lock and key.

When it comes to male chastity there is one lock and key system that stands above the rest: the CB-6000 and this addition to the collection is exactly the same as the original, but slightly shorter.
Perfect for power play, or men that want to have more control over their pleasure and orgasms, the CB-6000 Chastity Device is made from a smooth polycarbonate plastic. It's lightweight and extremely durable. Ventilation holes in the device allow for natural drying and ensures a high level of hygiene, meaning it's possible to wear the CB-6000 for sustained periods of time.
The cage measures 2.5inches, so offers a perfectly snug fit for the smaller member, but still uses the same method as the regular CB-6000 to put it on. Use the series of rings and pins to get the correct length around the scrotum and penis and then put on the padlock for a secure fit.
For distance play, why not try using one of the numbered key card locks. Put it on your submissive man before you go away and then if he's been a good boy, the same number key card should be there when you return.

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer:  CB-X
Colour:  Clear 
Size (Metric):  6.5cm x 2.6cm (Cage)- 3.8cm- 4cm-  4.5cm- 4.9cm- 5.1cm (Rings) 
Size (Imperial):  2.5" x 1.1" (Cage)- 1.5"- 1.63- 1.75"- 1.87"- 2" (Rings) 
Material:  Polycarbonate Plastic 
Feel:  Smooth, Firm 
SKU:  133922
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